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    Diabetes Complications: What You Need to Know

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that increases blood glucose levels and insulin resistance. Upon its onset, individuals may notice symptoms such as excessive hunger and thirst, frequent urination, extreme fatigue, and irritability. However, these symptoms can evolve into more severe complications like hypertension and hearing loss. Yet with proper treatment and a healthy lifestyle, many people who suffer from diabetes can delay or avert the physiological problems that often result from this disease. Below are some of the more common diabetes complications and how to avoid their development.


    Hypertension, or high blood pressure, affects nearly two-thirds of those diagnosed with diabetes. If left untreated, it can induce the risk of other diabetes-related issues, such as heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. However, many management methods exist for the treatment of hypertension. First, your physician can administer highly effective high blood pressure medications, including ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, and calcium channel blockers. Second, patients can become proactive in maintaining their blood pressure levels by engaging in preventive health measures, like maintaining good eating habits and a regular exercise regimen. Studies have shown that by upholding sound lifestyle choices, diabetes patients can greatly diminish their risk of hypertension.

    Hearing Loss

    Individuals with diabetes are twice as likely to experience hearing loss than those who do not suffer from this disease. How does diabetes contribute to hearing loss? Though the causal effects are yet to be fully understood, diabetes specialists believe that it stems from blood vessel damage. The ear structures depend upon small blood vessels for proper functioning. Researchers think that the high glucose levels from which diabetes patients suffer destroy these vessels. Hence, the onset of hearing loss. Therefore, blood glucose management is essential to ward off this common diabetes complication.


    Diabetic patients can also suffer from neuropathy, or nerve damage. The high blood glucose levels that affect blood vessels can similarly destroy the nervous system, which relies on those vessels for nutrients. The extremities are particularly susceptible to the effects of neuropathy. Therefore, individuals with diabetes must be vigilant in maintaining their blood glucose levels to avoid this complication.

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center provides comprehensive diabetes screenings and management options for individuals in the greater Las Vegas area. If you would like to learn more about our healthcare services, including our maternity hospital, please call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 880-2700.

    Supplies to Have on Hand for Your New Baby's Arrival Home

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Having a baby is a life-changing event often characterized by joy and excitement. It can also be quite a whirlwind experience, as you must entertain a constant stream of physicians, nurses and well-wishers in the first few days after your newborn’s arrival. A mere 48 hours later, many parents are sent home with their newborns; therefore, it’s important that you prepare your home for your baby’s arrival. Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center can help new parents make sure that they’re ready to take their new addition home. Also, the following tips offer some helpful advice regarding the supplies that all parents should have stocked before their baby is born.

    • Car Safety Seat. Purchase a car safety seat that is size-appropriate for your newborn and correctly installed in your vehicle.
    • Crib. If you borrow a crib from a friend or family member, make sure that it has no lead paint or vanish sealant on it. All cribs sold after 1989 already adhere to these guidelines. Also, do not use a crib whose slats are more than 2 3/8 inches apart.
    • Diapers. Regardless of whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, plan on going through at least 70 per week.
    • Clothing. You will need at least six to eight onesies, sleepers, and socks. If your baby is born during the winter months, or you live in a cooler climate, you may also need to invest in a few heavier pieces of clothing.
    • Supplies. To keep your newborn warm, you should have a minimum of four to six receiving blankets. You should also stock an ample supply of soft washcloths and towels. Furthermore, new parents should be prepared with a handful of helpful products such as petroleum jelly, rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, infant nail clippers, a rectal thermometer, and a suction bulb for stuffy noses.

    Are you preparing your home for a new baby? Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers soon-to-be and new parents comprehensive newborn services, including childbirth and breastfeeding classes. To learn more about our maternity hospital, please call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 880-2700.



    Your Guide to Breast Cancer Screening

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Breast cancer is a disease that can affect both women and men at any age. Though rare in men, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women no matter their race or ethnicity and claims more than 40,000 lives each year. However, techniques for detecting breast cancer have become both more advanced and accessible over the last several decades. At Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, we provide extensive breast cancer screening options for patients in the Las Vegas area, including the following:

    Clinical Breast Exam

    A clinical breast exam is a manual examination by a physician or nurse to detect signs of breast cancer, such as tissue lumps or nipple discharge. Starting at age 20, women should have a clinical breast exam every three years. At age 40, female patients should receive an annual clinical breast exam.


    A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast. It is the most effective way to identify signs of breast cancer that cannot be felt or detected by a clinical breast exam. Women should undergo a baseline mammography at age 35. Once they turn 40, patients should get a mammogram every year.

    Breast Ultrasound

    A breast ultrasound uses sound waves to take images of the breast. A physician may recommend a breast ultrasound for women with dense breast tissue, or if a mammogram has already detected an unidentifiable mass within the breast.

    Breast MRI

    When a mammogram or breast ultrasound cannot yield conclusive results, some women may undergo a breast MRI. A breast MRI uses a magnetic field and radio wave energy to create pictures of the breast. Typically, an MRI can give a much clearer image of potentially cancerous lumps and masses and allows the physician to accurately determine the next course of action for treatment.

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center offers comprehensive women’s health services, including breast cancer screenings and treatment options. To find out more about our healthcare services, please call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 880-2700.



    Keep You And Yours Healthy With These Resources About Our Recent Blog Topics!

    Last updated 2 years ago


    While you should always consult with a medical professional about any healthcare concerns you may have, staying informed about certain conditions is a great way to avoid possible complications.  Browse through the informative links below to learn about just a few of the conditions our specialists here at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center can help you with. 

    Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center is an award-winning institution in southern Las Vegas, and is part of the internationally recognized Hospital Corporation of America family of international healthcare providers.  Take advantage of our medical consultation resources and call (702) 880-2700 today for more information.

    • Heart disease is a serious medical condition that claims the lives of over 600,000 Americans annually.  Southern Hills Hospital’s Accredited Chest Pain Center provides the highest quality healthcare when your heart needs it the most.
    • Age is just one of the factors that increases the risk for heart disease in both men and women; get more information by calling the free 24/7 Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 880-2700.
    • A stroke causes permanent brain damage and can have a variety of effects, depending on what part of the brain is affected.  Southern Hills Hospital’s Certified Stroke Center’s Stroke Team is ready – both in the field and at the hospital. If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1.

    Preparing for Delivery for First Time Mothers-to-Be

    Last updated 2 years ago

    Pregnancy can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially as the delivery date draws near.  It isn’t uncommon for expectant mothers to rely on others with similar experiences for support, but preparation can play a significant role in simplifying the process of delivery and postpartum care.  Luckily, our Women’s Services Department at Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center  offers these tips to plan for your child’s birth.

    Planning, Logistics and Support

    Save time and pre-register online at By doing so, you’re saving valuable time and being most efficient for your family. 

    Preliminary Classes and Studies

    Register for our Childbirth Classes, labor & delivery unit tours and breastfeeding classes.  Generally, it is recommended that you complete all birthing classes by the end of your eighth month of pregnancy, or at least familiarize yourself with the related literature.

    Consulting Your Doctor

    Meeting with your doctor provides you with the opportunity to establish a birth plan that outlines your preferences for the delivery process.  You can also use this opportunity to discuss any remaining questions about pain control or other health-related issues

    At Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center, we strive to provide medical care and informational resources of the highest quality.  Call (702) 880-2700 to schedule an appointment or check on our schedule of women’s services tours and child birth classes.


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